Three or More Documents (three-stars)[1] Age Place of When Living Case
Nation Name Born Died Years Days R S Death Oldest Rank Added Source Photo?
Validated emigrant cases
  Validated incomplete cases (death date missing) also called LIMBO cases
Pending Cases
Three Documents (awaiting document arrival)
Two Documents (two-star)
One Document (one-star)
Notes: (no stars)
China Yum Lam Lee Apr.  6, 1891 Dec. 15, 2005 114 253 O F U.S. (NY)
China Hu Amei Jan. 22, 1895 Mar.  7, 2007 112 44 O F Shanghai (China) Mar. 9, 2007 30.htm
China Foo Ping Mah Sept. 28, 1895 June 25, 2006 110 270 O F China (ALB) June 27, 2006
China Fan Shee Hoo Dec. 14, 1895 111* O F lives in Canada (ONT) Dec. 15, 2006
China Nicolaus Kao Se-Tseien Jan. 15, 1897 110* O M lives in China (Hong Kong) Jan. 20, 2007
China Zhou Yunmei Feb.  9, 1897 110* O F lives in China (Jiansu) Feb. 26, 2007
Reported cases missing date of birth  
Limbo (no updates within 2 years)
110th birthday not confirmed
Demoted cases (reason for demotion)
Problem cases (conflicting documents)
1. Some cases listed as "validated" may be "grandfathered" cases
 (i.e., Guinness) that may not meet today's standards. 
 However, I am confident that over 99% of the cases are true Supercentenarians; 
questionable cases are in italics.
u = unknown
109-year-olds close to 110 (within 3 months of turning 110)
Tong Yumin Mar. 12, 1897 109* O M lives in Shanghai Mar.  9, 2007< /td>
Honorable Mention: Almost 110   (see chronological list for living claims almost age 110)          
The following centenarians made it to within 90 days of age 110.             
Their ages have not been vetted as  thoroughly as those aged 110+,             
but this should give one some idea of how hard it is to reach age 110.            
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