Women Supercentenarian Photos File No. 5 of 15

May 8, 2003; Mr. Scott Frezza and Mr. Bart Versieck, by way of Mr. Mark W. Swetland, have just sent us these photos of
Mrs. Gladys Swetland, age 111 Mrs. Gladys Swetland Mrs. Gladys Swetland
Mrs. Gladys Swetland, age 111. She was born on April 18, 1892 in Potter County, Pennsylvania. The first photo was taken last Thanksgiving. Her documentation for inclusion in our Table E is nearly complete. She was accepted by the GRG more than a year ago. And she's 112 now, going on 113.

December 16, 2005; We have just received word from Mr. Miner Swetland of Taylorsville, UT, that his Great Aunt Gladys of Coudersport, PA passed away on Wednesday, December 14, 2005 at the Charles Cole Memorial Hospital at age 113. He explains that "She was a tough old bird." Her Obituary can be found at www.stargazette.com. Click on Obituaries, then Swetland. If you get this too late, do the same thing and fill in the date. Then click "Enter."

June 3, 2003; Stephen Coles took these photos of
Mrs. Madge Russell, age 110 Mrs. Madge Russell with
Mrs. Margaret (Madge) C. Russell, age 110. Madge was born on October 31, 1892 (Halloween) in Guthrey, Oklahoma. She has lived in the Los Angeles Area for over 55 years and at the Solheim Lutheran Home since 1989. Her documentation is sparse, however, so it will take us some time to validate her based on data from her only living relative, a Niece. Mrs. Norma Heaton, Executive Director of the Solheim Lutheran Home in the photo above was very helpful, since Madge is blind and nearly deaf, as well as bound to a wheel chair. Madge has a strong personality, nevertheless, and she did appreciate having me as a visitor. She made me spell my name three times, until she got it right.

May 29, 2005; We have just learned that Madge Russell passed away today at the age of 112 years, 210 days.

July 1, 2003; Ms. Grace Burroughs has just sent us these photos of
Mrs. Grace Jones, age 110 Mrs. Grace Jones
Mrs. Grace Rebecca Nelsen Jones born on June 4, 1893 in Richmond, VA. She was the last child born to Danish-immigrant parents who came to the US in the 1870's, settling in Chicago before moving to Virginia about 1890. Her Mother was born in 1850. (Grace's Mother was 43 years old when she was born!)

Mrs. Grace Jones, 112
Tuesday, April 25, 2006; We have just learned that Grace Nelson Jones born June 4, 1893, passed away yesterday at the age of 112 years, 324 days. Click on her photo above for a commemorative Geocities website with music (click on the background) especially created by her family.

July 3, 2003; Mr. Bart Versieck of Belgium has just sent us these photos of
Mrs. Anna Stephan, age 111 Mrs. Anna Stephan
Mrs. Anna Stephan age 111, born on March 25, 1892 in Germany.

August 16, 2003; We have just learned from our correspondent in Germany, Mr. Thomas Breining, that Mrs. Stephan passed away. Click to see her Obituary for more details. He also reports that the oldest person in Bavaria is a man from Munich, but there are no further details at this time.
Mrs. Stephan died on Sunday, August 3, 2003 at age 111 years, 131 days. She was born on March 25, 1892 in Altenteich, which is now a part of the Czech Republic; she had 11 siblings when her Father died in 1898. Her first marriage was in 1913, but her husband died while fighting in World War I. In order to earn money for herself and her two young daughters, she did the chores for wealthy families. In 1930, she married for the second time and gave birth to two more daughters. After World War II, the family had to flee the Sudetenland and found a new home in Neumarkt in the German state of Bavaria. For decades, she lived with her daughter Franziska, until she finally moved into the nursing home 'Martin-Schalling-Haus' at age 107. Anna Stephan became the oldest living person in Germany on November 19, 2002, when Magdalene Regener died at age 111.

July 3, 2003; Mr. Horace M. Higgins of Rolling Hills Estates, California, just sent us this photo of his Mother on the occasion of her 110th birthday party at Leisure World in Seal Beach, California...
Mrs. Marion Higgins, age 110 Stephen Coles,
Marion and Horace Higgins, taken July 18th
Mrs. Marion Bigelow Higgins was born on June 26, 1893 in Williamsville, New York. She attributes her longevity to good genes, wholesome foods, her love of travel, and strong religious convictions.

June 15, 2005; In preparation for an in-depth article for her 112th Birthday on June 26th, Mrs. Higgins was interviewed by
Mr Andrew H.
Malcolm and Mrs. Marion Higgins, age 111 Dr. L. Stephen Coles
and Mrs. Marion Higgins, age 111
Mr. Andrew H. Malcolm, a Feature Writer from The Los Angeles Times. Professional photos were taken by Richard, an LA Times Staff Photographer.
To the amazement of all present, including her Son Horace and his wife, Marion recited the complete text of the Oliver Wendell Holmes's poem The One Hoss Shay from memory, which she first learned as a Freshman in high school...
This four-page poem was published in 1858 by Dr. Holmes, M.D. [1809 - 1894], a Harvard Professor of Medicine and author of famous and witty poems and essays in the Atlantic Monthly magazine of Boston, MA.

It seems that Marion's hearing has improved somewhat over what it was last year. This could be attributable to eating a better diet, but we're really not sure how to explain it.

November 4, 2005;
Horace Higgins, 83, with his Mother Marion, 112
Marion has now published her next collection of short stories [3] at age 112! She was eager to attend a local community Arts & Crafts Sale, when we saw her today, so she could sell more copies of her books.


1. Cathie Merz, "Superentenarian Arrives in LW," Golden Rain News, pp. 1, 10, 35 (June 26, 2003).
2. Marion B. Higgins, Ripples on a Quiet Stream: The Story of the Life and Times of Marion Bigelow Higgins (1996).
This 122-page self-published autobiography with lots of photos had a first printing of 700 copies. A second printing of 100 more copies is now on order.
3. Marion Higgins, More Ripples on the Stream: Celebrating 112 Years of Life, 26 pages (Horace Higgins, P. O. Box 3884; Seal Beach, CA 90740; June 2005).

March 2, 2006; We are sad to report that Mrs. Higgins passed away today at age 112 years, 249 days.

Horace Higgins, 88, and Dr. Coles
October 16, 2010; We are pleased to report that Mr. Horace Higgins volunteered to donate a sample of his blood for DNA sequencing, so that we could resolve ambiguities in his Mother's sequence being performed by Complete Genomics of Mountain View, CA.

July 3, 2003; Mr. Giovanni Alunni, the newest member of our Committee covering ITALY, has just sent us this photo of
Sra. Salvina Martinelli, age 110
Sra. Salvina (Zaira) Martinelli on the occasion of her 110th birthday. She was born on August 2, 1892 in Bagnolo di Po (Rovigo) and now lives in Figarolo, ITALY. She married her husband Giuseppe Avanzi in 1920; he died in 1978. She had seven children, two of whom are still living. On her 110th birthday, she received a letter of congratulations from the President of the Italian Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi.

September 18, 2003; We are sad to report that Mrs. Salvina Martinelli died today at the age of 111 years, 47 days.

July 7, 2003; Nebraska Centenarian researcher Mr. E. A. Kral has just sent us this photo of
Mrs. Litta Walker, age 110
Mrs. Litta Walker, age 110, born March 23, 1893 died on January 13, 2004

July 9, 2003; Mr. Richard Rader of San Clemente, CA has sent a photo of his Grandmother,
Lydia Newton, age 110
Mrs. Lydia Newton, on the occasion of her 110th birthday on March 23, 2003. Also in the photo are Lydia's Daughter, Marguerite, and Great-Great-Grandson Michael, 13 years old.

Lydia Newton, age 112
October 31, 2005; We are sad to report that Lydia Newton died yesterday evening at age 112 years, 221 days. The photo above is taken from The National Geographic magazine, "The Secrets of Long Life," Vol. 208, No. 5, p. 27 (November 2005). She is quoted as saying, "The Bible tells you not to eat pork, so I prefer beans, cheese, bread, and a slice of birthday cake [once a year]."

July 9, 2003; Her family has sent us this photo of
Mrs. Christine Hall, age
Mrs. Christine Hall of Champaign, IL, born December 3, 1891. This photo was taken on the occasion of her 110th birthday, December 3, 2001. She is now 111 years old.

October 20, 2003; We are sad to report that, according to her Grandson, Robert, Mrs. Christine Hall passed away this evening at age 111 years, 321 days.

July 9, 2003; We have received this photo of
Mrs. Clothilde Rey Mrs. Clothilde Rey, Black and White
Mrs. Clothilde Rey, born November 21, 1892 and died on July 9, 2003 in Germany at the age 110 years, and 230 days.

Please note that these photos are Copyrighted by Harald Wenzel-Orff.

August 6, 2003; Mr. Giovanni Alunni, our correspondent from Italy, has sent us this photo by way of Ms. Deiva Marina of....
Sra. Lilla De Geronimi Zinara
Sra. Lilla De Geronimi Zinara 110 years old, who was born in Deiva Marina (Province of La Spezia) on December 2, 1892. She now lives in Deiva Marina with her daughter.

We have now learned that Sra. De Geronimi Zinara died on August 14, 2004, at age 111 years, 256 days.

July 23, 2003; Mr. Robert Young has just sent us these photos of
Mrs. Grace Thaxton Mrs. Grace Thaxton and Son
Mrs. Grace Thaxton born in New York on June 18, 1891 and who now lives in Winchester, Kentucky at age 112. The second photo of her includes her 87-year-old son, Mr. Robert Thaxton.

December 2, 2004; Mr. Robert Young sent us this new picture of
Mrs. Grace Thaxton at 113
Mrs. Thaxton, whose Mother, we have just learned, lived to be 109.

June 18, 2005; Mr. Robert Young ( R) sent us this newest photo of himself with
Mrs. Grace Thaxton at 114 and Robert Young
Mrs. Thaxton at the time of her 114th birthday party.

July 7, 2005; We were saddened to learned from Ben and Harriet Giles that we lost Grace Thaxton last night (July 6th) at about 8:30 PM EDT. She died quietly, apparently from complications of pneumonia, at age 114 years, 18 days. Click for her Obituary, which appeared on Saturday, July 9th in The Los Angeles Times.

July 25, 2003; Ms. Marianne Creed has just sent us this photo of her Grandmother, herself, and her children...
Mrs. Edith Jones in March 2003

Mrs. Edith Marian Osborn Jones age 111, born June 30, 1892 in Illinois. The photo shows Mrs. Creed's three Daughters: Stacy, Alie, and Jordan, who all traveled from Phoenix to visit their Great Grandmother in Illinois. The oldest documents we have to confirm Edith's age, the 1900 Census, say that her year of birth was "1893." While all the other documents say "1892." Therefore, in cases of genuine ambiguity, such as this, we have chosen to list her age in Table E as 110, rather than 111.

Mrs. Jones died on August 19, 2003 at age 110 years, 50 days.

August 11, 2003; Mr. Giovanni Alunni, our correspondent in Italy, has just sent us these three photos of
Mrs. Narua Nyraro Mrs. Maria Muraro Mrs. Maria Muraro
Mrs. Maria Muraro born in Italy on March 29, 1892 and now age 111 years, died January 2, 2005 at age 112.

September 16, 2003; Mr. Brinkley Taylor of the New Albany Herald newspaper in Mississippi has just sent us this photo of
Mrs. Bettie Wilson
Mrs. Bettie Wilson born on September 13, 1890 and is now 113 years old. A 1900 US Census document shows her as being 9 years old at the time, and her case has now been accepted.

February 13, 2006; We are sad to report that Mrs. Bettie Wilson died today at age 115 year, 153 days.

October 16, 2003; Mr. Giovanni Alunni, our correspondent in Italy, has just sent us this photo (by way of Sra. Andrea Massari) of
Mrs. Grazia Spadafino Papalino
Mrs. Grazia Spadafino Papalino, age 110, born in Bari, ITALY on October 13, 1893, and who still lives there in a nursing home.

November 29, 2004; We are sad to report that Mrs. Grazia Spadafino Papalino died today at age 111 years, 47 days.

October 21, 2003; Mr. Allan Markham, sent us this photo of his Aunt
Mrs. Ruby M. Drakeford at 110
Mrs. Ruby M. Drakeford, who is 111 years old and was born on January 25, 1892. She was born and lives in Durham, North Carolina. The oldest of six children of James William Markham and Ianna Rebecca Leigh Markham, she graduated from Durham High School in 1908 and attended Trinity College (now Duke University) graduating in 1912. She taught school for one year in Mt. Olive, NC before returning to Durham, where she taught 5th-grade at Edgemont Elementary School until her retirement in 1958. In May 1933, she was married to William W. Drakeford who died in November 1957. Ruby's hobbies included playing bridge, reading, decoupage (decorating a surface with paper cutouts in a collage), and working crossword puzzles. She was writing letters to her sister above as late as 1996. She still enjoys visits from her sister-in-law, nieces, nephews, cousins, former students and her friends from the First Baptist Church, who arrange for her birthday celebration each year at the nursing home where she has lived since May 1991.

In the left of the photo above is Ruby's sister, Katherine Markham Johnson of Fuquay Varina, NC. At the time, Mrs. Johnson was 93 years old, but she died unexpectedly on December 24, 2002. She was Ruby's only living sibling.

December 29, 2004; We have learned that Mrs. Ruby Drakeford died today at age 112 years, 339 days.

October 22, 2003; Mr. Thomas Breining the GRG Correspondent in Germany has just sent us this photo of
Mrs. Lina Zimmer
Mrs. Lina Zimmer, who was born on November 20, 1892 and is now 110 years old. She remembers seeing the German Kaiser, Wilhelm II, more than 85 years ago, and her mind appears to be quite sharp. She has been living in a Senior Citizen Home in Stuttgart for the past 14 years and is regularly visited by her 85-year-old daughter, Ruth. She married her husband Richard in 1915, and they had their diamond-wedding anniversary in 1975.

September 5, 2004; We have just learned that Lina Zimmer died peacefully in her sleep on Saturday, August 28, 2004 at age 111 years, 282 days. Her nursing home communicated with the DPA ( Deutsche Press Agentur). A rough translation from German to English is as follows: "Once she reached 100, Lina Zimmer always celebrated her birthdays gladly. Moreover, she enjoyed her 111th especially. Gentleman: "She convinced everyone that her only Daughter, who already was 87, still needed her." And, during her last days, her daughter was there for her. Bavarian: "She often visited her. But her strength declined in the last two weeks. So, we were sure of the fact that her life would end soon." Lina's life, which crossed over three different centuries, extended as far as Saturday at 11:30 PM. At the end, she died peacefully in her sleep."

February 11, 2005; Mr. Thomas Breining, our GRG Correspondent in Germany, has just sent us these photos of
 Maria Marx and  Mathilde Bonzo-Wrede Mrs. Maria Mathilde Bonzo-Wrede
Maria Mathilde Bonzo-Wrede, who was born on May 29, 1890 in Völlinghausen (GERMANY) and died on June 8, 2000 at age 110 years and 10 days in Winterthur, SWITZERLAND. She moved to SWITZERLAND in 1915 and married Joseph Bonzo on April 27, 1916 in Zürich. In her later years, she lived with her daughter Anuti Corti-Bonzo (who also provided all the necessary documents to complete this case) in Winterthur until she moved into a senior-citizen home at age 105. The first picture, at age 102, shows her with her sister Maria Marx (on the left) on the occasion of her 100th birthday. Maria Marx lived to be 102 years old.

October 29, 2003; Mr. Giovanni Alunni, our correspondent in Italy has just sent us this photo of
Miss Gesuina Donati Blessings from the Pope Telegram
Signorina (Miss) Gesuina Donati, born June 9, 1893, taken on the occasion of her 110th birthday. In the photo, she is with Miss Maria del Rosario Altamirano Calleja, a Peruvian nurse who takes care of her. She was a primary-school teacher inside the Vatican (in a school for the children of Vatican employees) and therefore is well known in Roman Catholic Church circles. Her Brother was a Bishop. She received a message of congratulations and blessings from Pope John Paul II and from The Cardinal Secretary of State Angelo Sodano, both of which are adjacent (for those who are able to read Italian).

We are sad to report that Miss Gesunina Donate passed away on January 1, 2005 at 111 years, 206 days.

February 12, 2004; Bernard Desjardins and Robert Young have just sent us this photo of
Sister Anne Samson, 112
Sister Anne Samson, age 112 years, 350 days, was born on February 27, 1891 in Nova Scotia. She is currently the oldest living nun on record. She is also likely to be Canada's currently oldest person.

Sister Samson passed away on November 29, 2004 at the age of 113 years, 276 days. Click on "Nun Believed to be Canada's Oldest Person Dies Peacefully in a New Brunswick Convent" for more details.

February 12, 2004; Robert Young has just sent us this photo of
Mrs. Ramona Iglesias-Jordan
Ramona Trinidad Iglesias-Jordan, was likely born August 31st or else the next day September 1, 1889 in Utuado, Puerto Rico. She now resides in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. Documents that support her age include a Baptismal Certificate issued April 18, 1890 declaring that she was born on August 31, 1889. However, her delayed Birth Certificate, issued in 1948, says September 1, 1889. An August 11, 2000 letter from former-President Bill Clinton commemorates her 111th birthday.

Thus, it appears that Ramona really is 114 years old, and could possibly be the world's oldest person at the present time. A Marriage Certificate has not yet been located, which the Guinness World Records have requested as part of its documentation process.

Of course, their current "Official" World's Oldest Person is Mrs. Charlotte Benkner, 114 years old, born November 16, 1889, whose own baptismal paper appears to have been written on April 8, 1890, just ten days before Ramona's! However, Benkner's 1908 Marriage Certificate and 1910 and 1920 Census listings provide additional proof of age documents that have yet to be located in Ramona's case. We hope to resolve this discrepancy soon.

March 28, 2004; The discrepancy has now been resolved, and Mr. Robert Young has just sent us these new photos of
Mrs. Ramona Trinidad Mrs. Ramona Trinidad
Sra. Ramona Trinidad Iglesias-Jordan 114 years old, born in Puerto Rico on August 31, 1889, and currently cited by the GRG as the Oldest Living Person in the World. On March 29, 2004, The Guinness Book of World Records has also recognized her status as the World's Oldest Living Person.

May 29, 2004; Sra. Ramona Trinidad died of pneumonia today, Saturday, May 29th, at the age of 114 years, 272 days. Therefore, The World's Oldest Living Person title now goes to Mrs. Hendrikje Van Andel-Schipper of The Netherlands, who was born on June 29, 1890.

February 14, 2004; Messrs. Robert Young and Felipe Lucas Pristas have just sent us this photo of
Mrs. Catarina Carreiro, 113th Birthday Mrs. Catarina Carreiro, age 113
Mrs. Catarina Carreiro-Pascoal of PORTUGAL, born January 9, 1891 and who died yesterday morning at age 113 years, 35 days.

May 18, 2004; We have just received this photo of
Mrs. Gladys Hawley, 112 years
Mrs. Gladys Hawley of England, who was born on December 18, 1891 and died April 28, 2004 at age 112 years, 132 days. Friends have paid tribute to the UK's oldest woman who has died at her Chesterfield home. She was buried at Boythorpe Cemetery in her husband Alfred's grave on Tuesday after passing away in her sleep at Brookholme Residential Home in Somersall Lane. Mrs Hawley earned her place in history after the Derbyshire Times revealed her remarkable lifespan to Guinness World Records, who officially declared her England's longest living lady last July.

September 20, 2004; We have just learned that Mrs. Lena Dionne died today at age 111 years 98 days.

June 14, 2004; We have transferred an ~20-second video clip from NBC-TV to "avi" format of Mrs. Lena Dionne 111 years old, born June 14, 1893 in Massachusetts and now residing in St. Petersburg, FL. If the clip doesn't begin downloading immediately, and you get a browser pop-up asking you to associate an application with this "unknown" file type (*.avi), choose your favorite video player, like Apple Quick Time, RealOne, or Microsoft Windows Media Player. One of these should work, after allowing some time for downloading.

August 14, 2004; La Spezia, ITALY ( AGI On-Line) -- "'Liguria's Grandmother' Passed Away, Aged Almost 112" Lila De Geronimi, Liguaria's oldest person, passed away this morning at Devia Marina (La Spezia). Actually, she was still bright, telling her relatives and friends she was born on December 2, 1892, and that she lived with her 84 year-old daughter. Her husband died in World War II, and her Partisan son died in Pinerolo, at age 19. Even regional Governor Sandro Biasotti paid homage to her on her last birthday.
Click for more details.

August 15, 2004; Our correspondent from France, Monssieur Laurent Toussaint, has just sent us a copy of this photo from La Republique des Pyrénées newspaper of
Lucie Pere-Pucheu, 111 Lucie Pere-Pucheu, 112
Madam Anne Leonie (Lucie) Pere-Pucheu born in France on August 13, 1893, and now 112 years old. The second photo was taken on the occasion of her 112th birthday party.

We are sad to report that Lucie Pere-Pucheu passed away on April 6, 2006 at age 112 years, 236 days.

September 11, 2004; We have just obtained the following photo from our correspondent in Portual, Mr. Felipe Prista-Lucas, on the website of a regional newspaper called O Mirante of
Maria de Jesus,111 years
Mrs. Maria de Jesus age 111 and born in PORTUGAL on September 10, 1893.

September 10, 2005; Pedro Miguel Costa writes that "My Great Grandmother had a birthday today and is now 112 years old," In addition, he attached these two photos of the event...
Maria de Jesus,112 years Maria de Jesus,112 years with cake

We are sad to report that Maria de Jesus passed away on January 2, 2009 at age 115 years, 114 days.

October 26, 2004; Mr. Giovanni Alunni, our correspondent in ITALY, has just sent us this photo of
Mrs. Fenimola Farinelli-Beghetti, 109
Mrs. Fenimola Farinelli-Beghetti, age 110, born in ITALY on October 1, 1894. This photo was taken when she was 109.

November 14, 2004; We just received this photo from Mr. Bart Versieck of
Mrs. Matilde Beghetti, 109 Years
Mrs. Matilde Beghetti with Italian national goal-keeper Gianluca Buffon.

August 22, 2005; We have now learned that Mrs. Farinelli-Beghetti died on April 30th at 110 years, 211 days.

November 2, 2004;
Mrs. Virginia Muise
Mrs. Virginia Muise of New England was born in Halifax, CANADA and died today in New Hampshire at age 111 years, 97 days. Click on her photo for an obituary from The Los Angeles Times.

November 9, 2004; Mr. Bart Versieck of Belgium has just sent us this photo of
Mrs. Marie-Louise Bernede, 110
Madam Marie-Louise Bernède, at age 110 of FRANCE.

We are sad to report that Marie-Louise Bernede died on December 11, 2005 at age 111.

November 10, 2004; Bart Versieck of Belgium has just sent us this photo of
Mrs. Germaine Stadler, 111
Mrs. Germaine Maria Henriette Stadler at age 111.

February 14, 2005; We are sad to report that Germaine Stadler passed away today at age, 111 years, 322 days.

November 12, 2004; Herr Thomas Breining, our correspondent from GERMANY, has just sent us these photos of
Mrs. Frieda Muller, 110 Years Mrs. Frieda Muller, 110 Years
Mrs. Frieda Müller who was born on October 18, 1894.

Born on October 18, 1894 in Potsdam as Frieda Pauline Luise Ihnenfeld, she became a hat maker, and, at age 20, she married Wilhelm Müller. After World War II, the couple moved to Schweinfurt where her husband died in 1958. She returned to her hometown of Potsdam at age 99, where she now resides in the 'Haus Abendstern' nursing home. She became Gernany's oldest living woman on February 3, 2005, when the previous title holder, Elisabetha Heck passed away at age 111. Only a few weeks later, on March 2nd, she also received the title of being the oldest living person in Germany when 111-year-old Hermann Dörnemann died in Dösseldorf. [An interesting side note: She has a cardiac pacemaker first implanted back in 1979.]

July 22, 2005; Frieda Ihnenfeld Müller, Germany's oldest living person, died peacefully in her sleep near Berlin on Thursday night at age 110 years, 276 days. For the past nine years, Müller had lived in a nursing home in Potsdam, just outside of the German capital. Click for further details.

November 14, 2004; Mr. Thomas Breining has sent us these photos of
Mrs. Aloysia Tilscher, 110 years Mrs. Tilscher and family
Mrs. Aloysia Tilscher and her family. She was born on December 9, 1893. Since 1960, she has lived in Nürnberg in the German state of Bavaria. But she had been the oldest resident for only 3.5 months, having received this title after the passing of Gisela Metreweli on July 31, 2004. She moved to a local nursing home at age 103 after suffering a stroke. She never married and had no children. After graduating in 1915, she taught home economics and handicraft Her closest relative was her 90-year-old niece, Mrs. Kwapil, who provided the necessary documents for our GRG validation process. Aloysia has been reported to be deteriorating rapidly, having lost more than 20 Kg during the Summer, and the nursing home staff reported that they did not expect her to reach her 111th birthday. Indeed, she passed away on November 8, 2004 at age110 years, 335 days, approximately one month shy of that age.

December 3, 2004; We just received this photo of
Mrs. Bertha Fry, 111 Years
Mrs. Bertha Fry, born December 1, 1893, who just turned 111 a few days ago. Click The Muncie Star-Press in Indiana for details, as well as a mention of the GRG.

We are sad to report that Mrs. Bertha Fry died on November 14, 2007 at age 113.

December 14, 2004; Mr. Robert Young of Atlanta, Georgia and Jeff Knight have just sent us this photo of
Mrs. Lucy Murphy, 110 Years
Mrs. Lucy Murphy born in Kentucky on May 27, 1894 and who died on October 31, 2004 at age 110 years, 157 days.

December 29, 2004; Mr. Russell Corning of Northern California has just sent us this photo newspaper clipping from the Seattle Post Intelligencer of
Mrs. Gunhild (Gunnie) Foerster, 111 years
Mrs. Gunhild "Gunnie" Foerster celebrating her 111th birthday. Mrs. Foerster was born in Norway on December 28, 1893 but now lives in the Seattle, WA area. Her Daughter Marilyn Carlson, 77, is on the left; Granddaughter Siri Bach, 41, is on the right; and Great-Grandson Logan Bach, 4, is further at the right. The photo was taken at the Crista Senior Community Nursing Home in Shoreline, WA, where Gunnie lives. The Nordiska Folk Dancers and Musicians, of which Carlson is a part, put on a performance.

February 9, 2005; We have just been informed by The Seattle Times that Mrs. Foerster died on Feb. 4th, at age 111 years, 38 days.

February 17, 2005; Our French correspondent, Mon. Laurent Toussaint, has just sent us two photos of
Marie Mornet, 20 Marie Mornet, 110
Madam Maria Robin Mornet when she was 20 and very recently when she turned 110. She was born April 4, 1894. If you speak French, check
mariemornet.chez.tiscali.FR. [Elle est devenue à 110 ans en 2004 la doyenne du Poitou Charentes. Elle a résidé toute sa vie à Lessart, dans la commune de Buxerolles, près de Poitiers. C'est 92 ans qu'elle quitte son village natal et qu'elle vient s'installer à l'Isle Jourdain près de son petit-fils, Jean-Pierre.]

We are sad to report that Marie Mornet died on January 5, 2007 at age 112. If you read French, click for her official website and many more photos.

February 19, 2005; Herr Thomas Breining our GRG correspondent from GERMANY has just sent us this photo of Austrian woman
Rosa Broz
Mrs. Rosa Broz on the occasion of her 110th birthday. She was born on January 18, 1895 in Döbling, AUSTRIA. She worked as a teacher until she retired. She never married and so never had any children. For the past 30 years, she has resided in Hainfeld in the Austrian state of Niederösterreich, where she still lives in her own apartment. Her meals are provided by a local senior-citizen care-service; she spends her time enjoying her longtime hobbies: reading and knitting. She is considered to be the oldest living person in AUSTRIA and is only the third Supercentenarian ever to be validated from this relatively small European country.

August 22, 2005; We have learned that Rosa Broz died on June 4th, aged 110 years, 137 days.

"Determination Keeps 111-Year-Old Living Ohio Woman Is 30th Oldest Person In World"

March 2, 2005; Jefferson, OH --- Mrs. Jean Waldron says she knows one thing for sure about her 111-year-old mother: She's determined. Researchers say Mary Margaret Dean-Smith is the oldest person in Ohio. The determination described by her daughter likely helped Dean-Smith survive a bout of pneumonia last month. Waldron says she agonized over whether to follow a doctor's recommendation to put her mother on a feeding tube. She says she decided she couldn't do it. The next day, her Mother started to drink normally. Dean-Smith was out of the hospital after four days and went back to the Jefferson Geriatric and Rehabilitation Center, where she has lived for about four years. Dean-Smith was born in 1883 in Pittsburgh. The Los Angeles-based Gerontology Research Group says she's the 30th-oldest person in the world.

May 24, 2006; We have just received word from her family that Mrs. Smith passed away yesterday at the age of 112 yeas, 228 days.

March 9, 2005; We have just received this photo taken today by her Grandson, Charlie Van Stockum, of his Grandmother...
Mrs. Florence Van Stockum
Mrs. Florence Van Stockum, who was born on October 5, 1894 in England but now lives in Shelbyville, Kentucky. She was listed in our Table of Living Worldwide Supercentenarians in record time, since her Son was able to provide all the necessary validation documents to us by FAX after he read about our work in The Wall Street Journal.

May 4, 2005; We have just learned that Florence died on Monday, May 2, 2005 at age 110 years, 209 days.

April 28, 2005; Click for the story below about two 114-year-old women who live within 100 miles of each other and were born less than one month apart:

Bettie Rutherford Wilson visits with her Son Will Rogers, 95 John Louis 'Jack' Bolden, 74, visits with his Grandmother, Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Bolden

Mrs. Bettie Rutherford Wilson of New Albany, MS, born September 13, 1890, who was officially accepted on Tuesday by The Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest living American, and Mrs. Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Bolden of Memphis, TN, born August 15, 1890. Realize that even though Lizzie is actually one month older, she was documented more recently, and so her claim has only just been submitted to Guinness.

Pamela Perkins, "Documented Oldest Living Americans Are Our Neighbors," Commercial Appeal.
Copyright, The Commercial Appeal of Memphis, Tennessee. Used with permission.

"World's Oldest Living Person Dies at Age 116"

December 12, 2006; Memphis, TN ( AP and CNN) -- Elizabeth "Lizzie" Bolden, recognized as the world's oldest person, died early Monday, the Administrator of the nursing home where she lived said Monday. She was 116.

Bolden was born August 15, 1890, according to The Gerontology Research Group, a Los Angeles-based organization that tracks the ages of the world's oldest people.

Guinness World Records recognized Bolden as the oldest person in August after the death of Maria Ester de Capovilla of ECUADOR who previously was listed as the oldest.

"Bolden had lived at the Mid-South Health and Rehabilitation Center nursing home for several years until her death," said the Center's Administrator, Charlotte Pierce. "She died at about 2 AM EST on Monday," said Pierce.

Bolden suffered a stroke in 2004, and her family said she spoke little after that and slept most of the day.

Family members said she had 40 grandchildren, 75 great-grandchildren, 150 great-great-grandchildren, 220 great-great-great grandchildren, and 75 great-great-great-great grandchildren.


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Elizabeth Bolden Funeral

4. Pamela Perkins, "World's Oldest Person Was Special in Many Ways," The Commercial Appeal of Memphis, TN (December 16, 2006).

May 19, 2005; These photos were sent by Herr Thomas Breining, our correspondent from GERMANY, of
Mrs. Elisabeth Heck, 111 Mrs. Elisabeth Heck, 111.
Mrs. Elisabeth Heck of Germany, who was born on July 11, 1893 and died on February 3, 2005 at age 111 years, 207 days. She was born in Eppingen as Elisabetha Johanna Stierle; the family moved to Frankfurt in 1899. She not only spent her childhood there but also got to know her future husband Heinrich Heck, who was born May 15, 1889. They married on February 10, 1923, and in 1930 she gave birth to their only child, Hannelore Heck. Later, the family moved to Königstein in 1938. Heinrich Heck died in 1949 after suffering a heart attack, and in 1956 her only daughter Hannelore died in an automobile accident. So, she survived her child by almost half a century when she died on February 3, 2005. She was Germany's oldest living woman for almost half a year. She gained this title on August 28, 2004, when Lina Zimmer died in Stuttgart at age 111 years, 282 days.

June 2, 2005; Mr. Mårten Andersson, one of our newest correspondents from Sweden has just sent us information about
Mrs. Astrid Zachrison, 110
Mrs. Astrid (Elin) Zachrison, 110 years old and who was born on May 15, 1895 and is now the oldest person in Sweden. She was born as Astrid Jonsson in Fliseryd, West of Oskarshamn. In 1927, she married Tage Zachrison from Ingelstad outside Växjö. They moved to Alseda in Vetlanda where their son Per-Ivan was born in 1928. For her 110th birthday party last Sunday, her Son ordered a 110 cm (43 inches long) cake, which was served at her nursing home in Hollsbybrunn.

We are sad to report that Astrid Zachrisson died on May 15, 2008 at age 113.

June 6, 2005; Ms. Clair Rivers of Great Neck, New York has just sent us this photo of her Mother,
Mrs. Fannie Greenberg, 110, May 24, 2005 Mrs. Fannie Greenberg, 110
Mrs. Fannie Adler Greenberg who was born on May 24, 1895 in Ontario, CANADA. This photo was taken at the time of her birthday at the Regency in Glen Cove on the North Shore of Long Island, New York. The second photo is by Kathy Kmonicek.of Newsday.

October 5, 2007; We are sad to report that Mrs. Greenberg passed away today at age 112 years, 134 days. Click for the details in Newsday.

June 14, 2005; This photo of ...
Mrs. Mamie Legg, 111 Years Old
comes from The Rocky Mountain News of Denver, CO.
Mrs. Mamie Legg who was born on January 9, 1894 in Georgia and died in Colorado on June 13, 2005 at age 111.
On the morning of her 110th birthday, she was asked about the secret to living so long. She responded, "No drinking, no drugs, no alcohol, no smoking. Going to church." And in between, she shared more than a century of stories. "All these things make up a life," she said. "I guess I just did the best I could with the time I had. Life is what you make it, Honey."

June 29, 2005; In the interest of maintaining a good balance among nations, we note that France is currently 3rd worldwide (behind the US and Japan) in the number of Supercentenarians, having more than 75 validated cases or Supercentenaires, as they are known in French. Therefore, Mr. Robert Young has just sent us this photo of
Madam Camille Loiseau, 113
Camille Loiseau, France's oldest person since at least March 27, 2005 (after the passing of Anne Primout, 114). Madam Loiseau was born February 13, 1892 and is 113 years old, living in Paris.

Update: Camille Loiseau, France's oldest person and 5th-oldest in the world, passed away August 12, 2006 at age 114 years, 180 days.

August 4, 2005; Burlington, IA ( The Hawk Eye) -- Frieda E. Staaf [1893 - 2005], 111 of Warsaw, IL died on Tuesday, August 2, 2005, at the Montebello Healthcare Center in Hamilton, IL. She was born October 20, 1893 in Rocky Run Township south of Warsaw; she was the Daughter of Henry and Charlotte Mund Wemhoner. On June 25, 1919, she married Albert H. Staaf near Warsaw. He died in 1976. Mrs. Staaf was a lifelong resident of the Warsaw area and a member of First United Presbyterian Church in Warsaw. She liked to quilt and quilted for many people. Survivors include one daughter, Marie Schmidt of Warsaw; four nieces and two step-grandchildren of Wisconsin. Besides her husband, she was preceded in death by one Son, one Grandson, five Sisters, one in infancy, and two Brothers, one in infancy.

September 28, 2005; Herr Thomas Breining our correspondent in Germany has just sent us this photo of
Irmgard von Stephani, 110
Ms. Irmgard von Stephani, when she and guests attending her birthday party, went to a restaurant in Berlin, and a newspaper photographer was present to record the event. She was born on September 20, 1895 and has never married.

Thomas Breining has just sent us this photo of
Irmgard von Stephani at 111
Mrs. Irmgard von Stephani on the occasion of her 111th Birthday.

Oldest Living American: Member of Hartford Church, Former Servant Of Late Actress

December 13, 2006 (Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church) -- Emma Fanchon Faust Tillman, 114, a member of Metropolitan A.M.E. Zion Church in Hartford, this week officially became the oldest living American and the third oldest living person in the world, according to church officials. At the time of her inclusion earlier this year in The 2007 Guinness Book of World Records, she was the third oldest living American and the sixth oldest living person in the world. Tillman, born November 22, 1892, became the oldest living American following the death of Elizabeth Bolden of Tennessee on December 11th.

Currently residing in East Hartford, Tillman has been a member of the church for 91 years. Occasionally, she still attends worship services at Metropolitan. John B. Stewart of Hartford, the first African-American Fire Chief in New England, is her Grandnephew.

We regard her as the mother of the church, indeed the A.M.E. Zion Church. Having attained this milestone, Mrs. Faust is the oldest member of our denomination. We can all benefit from the lessons of her exemplary life, her longevity, and her contributions to Connecticut and our community life," said The Rev. Terry L. Jones, Sr., Senior Pastor of Metropolitan.

Tillman joined the church in 1915. She served as President of the Chancel Choir for 15 years and church Secretary for 13 years. Born to sharecroppers on a plantation in Sedalia, NC, she moved to Connecticut with her family in 1900. In her earlier years, she worked as a servant for the late actress Ms. Katharine Hepburn.

Tillman is featured in the church's 2005-2006 Pictorial Journal. She is described as a sharp witted, energetic woman who never minced words. When asked about the secret of her longevity, Tillman replied, "If you enjoy doing the things you do and do the things you enjoy, that's a good life!

January 1, 2006; We have just received this photo of
Emma Tillman, 113
Mrs. Emma Tillman born November 22, 1892 in North Carolina and currently, at age 113 years, lives in Hartford, CT.

Emma Tillman, 114
Mrs. Emma Faust Tillman rests as her daughter, Marjorie Tillman, helps prop her head back, at the Riverside Health and Rehabilitation Center in East Hartford, CT on Wednesday, January 24, 2007. Tillman, 114 years old, has now become the world's oldest person after Emiliano Mercado del Toro, died last Wednesday at his home on the Northern Coast of Puerto Rico. He was 115. ( AP Photo by Jessica Hill).

January 28, 2007; We are sad to report that Mrs. Tillman passed away this evening around 10:00 PM...
Emma Tillman, 114 Emma Tillman at ~20
Emma Faust Tillman celebrates her 114th birthday November 22, 2006 with her daughter, Marjorie. Click on the photo for her Obituary by the East Hartford Gazette . The second photo shows Emma in her early 20's.


1. Jennifer Medina, "In Connecticut, Life of Distinction and World-Famous Length Comes to a Close at 114," The New York Times, p. A20 (January 30, 2007).
2. AP, "Emma Faust Tillman, 114; World's Oldest Known Person," The Los Angeles Times, p. B11 (January 30, 2007).

February 7, 2006; We have just received this photo of
Rose Bell, 110
Mrs. Rose Bell born August 22, 1895 in Iowa.

March 12, 2006; Rose Bell died yesterday on March 11, 2006 at age 110 years, 201 days.

April 20, 2006; Shelbyville, IN (AP) - We have just obtained this photo of
Edna Parker at her 113th Birthday Party Edna Parker
Mrs. Edna Parker born in Morgan County, Indiana on April 20, 1893. She is currently Indiana's oldest person and celebrated her 113th birthday today. Edna Parker helped release 113 balloons -- one for each of her years -- during her birthday bash.


According to the UCLA-based Gerontology Research Group, Parker is the fourth-oldest person in the United States and the ninth-oldest documented person in the world.

Parker, who has a 100-year-old sister who lives in Kansas, has lived at Heritage House Convalescent Center in Shelbyville for the past eleven years. Among the party guests was the world's tallest woman, seven-foot-seven Sandy Allen, who also lives at the nursing home about 25 miles Southeast of Indianapolis.

April 12, 2007;
Edna Parker, April 2007
"Look what I got." -- Mrs. Edna Parker shows her Grandson Don Parker the early birthday flowers she received. Yesterday, representatives from the US Social Security Administration feted her less than two weeks before her 114th birthday. -- Heather Charles/The Indianapolis Star Alliance.

Edna Parker at 114
Edna Parker, at 114, is the oldest living American. She is getting ready to let go of one of the 114 balloons she released on Friday in honor of her birthday at the Heritage House Convalescent Center in Shelbyville, IN.

August 17, 2007;
Edna Parker with Kole Scott (Center)
Edna Parker with her 7-month-old Great Great Grandson Kole Scott

June 13, 2006;
Mabel Monroe
Mrs. Mabel Monroe born in Oveida, FL on October 30, 1895 passed away on June 13, 2006 in Tampa, FL at age 110 years, 226 days. Her daughter, Frances, was 90 years old, and Mabel lived with Frances, a rather unique 'caretaker' situation.

July 17, 2006; The latest issue of Teachers College's alumni magazine is on its way to more than 70,000 readers, and my story on Maybelle has the center spread, including a double-truck image. For those who don't remember, I went down to Houston a few months ago to interview this remarkable woman. All photos from this assignment are here...

Maybelle Stansfield Montgomery,

Most Teachers College alumni remember their first day at TC. The excitement of learning from some of the top names in education, the confusion of finding your way through labyrinthine hallways, the admonition from the Students' Executive Council that "students are to wear hats when they go to Columbia, or to the parks."

OK, the last item may only apply to Maybelle Stansfield Montgomery, likely Teachers College's oldest living graduate. Maybelle is 110, and received a Master's degree from TC in 1921.

To put that in perspective: When Maybelle was born in 1895 in a farmhouse in Southern Texas, Grover Cleveland was President. She was in college when America entered World War I. By the end of World War II, she had already retired. You never tell someone "they don't look a day over 110." But whatever 110 should look like, Maybelle far outshines it. She has a wheelchair to help her move about, but she thinks quickly and has a self-deprecating sense of humor. She still lives in the same home she built with her husband in 1927.

July 5, 2006; Additional photos from the lives of Maria (Mother) and Rosebell (Daughter)

Edward Zilke and Mary P. Romero wedding photo taken in Los Angeles, CA (1889).
Bar Room
Mr. Edward Zielke behind the bar of his Carroll, Nebraska tavern (1900).
Rosabell at 100
Rosabell at age 100.


1. E. A. Kral, "Nationally Distinguished Nebraskans: Mary P. Romero Zielke Cota and Rosabell Zielke Champion Fenstermaker: World's First Mother-Child Supercentenarians Had California and Nebraska Roots," Crete News, p. 5A (July 5, 2006).

2. Abe Winter, "Duo's Ripe Old Ages Are Record," Sunday World Herald, pp. B-1,-2 (Omaha, NE; July 23, 2006).

These photos courtesy of Joan Allen and our representative from Nebraska, Mr. E. A. Kral...

Helen Stetter, 113 Helen Stetter, 113

1. Abe Winter, "Valentine Woman Celebrates 113th," Omaha World Herald, pp. B1,2 (November 18, 2006).

2. AP, "Nebraska Woman is Fifth Oldest in Nation," Lincoln Journal Star (November 18, 2006).

June 1, 2007; We are sad to report that Mrs. Stetter passed away this afternoon...

Nebraska's Oldest Resident Dies at 113

Saturday, June 2, 2007; Valentine, NE -- After a life touching three centuries in Nebraska, Helen Stetter has died at the age of 113. She was believed to have been the oldest living Nebraskan, the oldest to have lived her entire life in the state and the world's fourth-oldest person.

She was born Nov. 18, 1893, in Chadron. She died Friday in a Valentine nursing home. Stetter lived in the same Valentine house until moving to the nursing home 18 years ago. Valentine is in west-central Nebraska, near the South Dakota border.

Stetter had lived to become the second-oldest living American and the second-oldest person in the history of Nebraska, said E.A. Kral, a Wilber, NE, resident who does research on people who live to be 100. "She has lived in the state longer than anyone else in history her entire life," Kral said. "Helen Stetter never married, never had a driver's license, and was in good health other than losing her sight and some of her hearing, said her second cousin, Bob Stetter, 70. "Helen didn't really get excited about anything," he said. "She was on an even keel most of the time." Helen Stetter is listed in Guinness World Records 2007 as being among the 12 oldest living people. A representative of the nursing home said the exact cause of death was not yet known. "She wasn't in any pain or sick or anything," Bob Stetter said. "Old age just finally got her."

Source: Lincoln Journal Star.

Emmeline Brice

"UK's Oldest Woman Dies at Age 111"

August 2, 2006; London, UK; Britain's oldest woman, who lived in a nursing home in Bedfordshire, has died at age 111. Emmeline Brice, who lived at the Elm Lodge Nursing home in Linslade, Leighton Buzzard, died on July 26, 2006. She became the country's oldest person on March 1st this year when 112-year-old Judy Ingamells died. She had lived in London, where she had worked as a cleaner at The House of Commons. The manager of the nursing home, Lyn Searle, paid tribute to her. "Emmeline was a legend. She was very much loved and is now very missed," she said on Wednesday.



Olive Dubay, 110

September 1, 2005; Mrs. Olive Dubay, 110, becomes a Supercentenarian at Bay Bluffs, MI. Mrs. Olive Dubay (bottom center) celebrates her 110th birthday with family Tuesday at Bay Bluffs Medical Care Facility in Harbor Springs, MI. Pictured in first row are Great-Great-Grandchildren Rose and Nick Wolff of Milford. In second row (from the left) are Great-Granddaughter Pam Wolff of Milford; Granddaughter Diane Wamsley of Sun City West, AZ; Niece Loretta Pepin of Center Line and Nephew Ed Veltman of Harrison Township. Behind Loretta is Ed's Son, Dubay's Great-nephew, Kevin Veltman, of Warren, MI. Click on Petoskey News Review by Fred Grey, Staff Writer, for more details.

August 11, 2006; Supercentenarian Mrs. Olive Dubay is shown in the photo above taken in mid-July at Bay Bluffs, Emmet County's medical-care facility, where she resided for six years before her death on Monday at the age of 110. Click on this photo for her Obituary.

September 6, 2006; Our senior correspondent in Rome, Sr. Giovanni Alunni sent us this photo of
Giulia Sani-Casagli, 112
Sra. Giulia Sani-Casagli, born September 15, 1893; she passed away on September 4, 2006 at age 112 years, 354 days. Click on the photo for more details (in Italian).

Mrs. Gertrude Baines, 112 with Ms. Jacquie St. James

September 10, 2006; Mrs. Baines, born in Georgia on April 6, 1894, was validated today and therefore obtains the title of "California's Oldest Living Person," regardless of the Death of Mr. George Johnson last week, since she was always his senior. Jacquie, a Catholic Eucharistic Minister with the Western Convalescent Hospital in Los Angeles, has volunteered her time with Mrs. Baines for the last year and a half.

A special ceremony recognizing Gertrude was held on Wednesday, October 4, 2006 from Noon to 2:00 PM attended by LA County Supervisor Yvonne Burke. Look for photos at this location soon.

Mrs. Baines was interviewed by CNN Cable-TV News last month and her two-minute interview was aired on Tuesday, December 19th at 8:39 AM PST. According to CNN, "Paging Dr. Sanjay Gupta, M.D." takes a look at "possible keys to the Fountain of Youth." Click for the CNN segment entitled "Video: Searching for the Secrets to a Long Life." (TRT = 2:13 min.) and watch the clip through a CNN video player after first watching an obligatory TV commercial for about 15 seconds (commercials are preprogrammed to change randomly with each viewing).

In addition to Mrs. Baines, Drs. Doros Platika, M.D., in Pittsburgh, PA and L. Stephen Coles, M.D., Ph.D., in Los Angeles were also interviewed.

"A Supercentenarian Looks Back Over 112 Years"


Val Willingham, Producer, CNN Medical News, Washington, D.C.

December 19, 2006; Mrs. Gertrude Baines, 112, is being studied to unlock the secrets of old age. To look at her, you'd never know that Gertrude Baines was a day older than 80. That may sound odd, but consider this: Mrs. Baines is actually 112! That's right, 112 years old. She was born in 1894 when Grover Cleveland was President, the Ford Model-T didn't exist, and the Wright Brothers wouldn't make their famous flight for nine more years!

But to me, what makes Mrs. Baines so special is not her age, but how she has maintained her independence spanning three centuries, even when women and especially black women were considered second-class. Mrs. Baines was born in a small town south of Atlanta, GA, and lived a pretty simple life. But there was nothing simple about her. She says her first real memory was of a car ride to Canada. In those days very few people ever left their hometowns. She left her country. She later married and had a daughter, who died at an early age. She moved to Ohio where she worked as a "house mom" at Ohio State University. She eventually divorced and traveled to Los Angeles, where she retired and lives to this day.

A few months ago, Mrs. Baines was honored as the oldest citizen in California. President Bush sent her a letter, and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger came to visit with a plaque. She is a member of an exclusive group of people older than 110, the Supercentenarians. And researchers believe that by studying these super-senior citizens, they may find the secret to the "fountain of youth." They're so confident, a new research center is being set up to observe people like Mrs. Baines.

When I interviewed Mrs. Baines for our story on the Supercentenarian Research Foundation, I expected to meet a fragile, feeble woman. Instead she greeted me in her wheelchair, wearing a fancy leopard print hat and a big smile. She didn't want to discuss airplanes, shuttle launches, civil rights, iPods, or politics. Instead, she preferred to talk about her family, her loves, her heartbreaks, her faith. It didn't matter what historic events she had witnessed over the last 112 years. It was more important to her to talk about how she lived.

When I asked why she thought she had lived this long, her answer was... "God. Ask him... I took good care of myself, the way he wanted me to." So simple, but so complex. How do you extract that kind of attitude and put it in a bottle? How do you take that zest for life and make a vaccine? That's really up to the scientists who are studying Mrs. Baines and people like her. But here's a thought. Maybe long life is more than just good genes, exercising, and eating well. Maybe healthy longevity depends on your faith, the way you treat people, the way you love, the way you handle bumps in the road and the way you face the day every morning.

What are your ideas for living a long, healthy life?

Marie-Rose Mueller, 110

Marie-Rose Mueller was born September 20, 1896 in France but currently lives in Connecticut.

January 12, 2011; Marie-Rose Meuller passed away on November 5, 2007 at age 111 years, 46 days.

Inez Parker Jeffus

Inez Parker Jeffus was born in Texas on March 20, 1894 and passed away on October 16, 2006 at age 112 years, 210 days.

Florence Finch, 113

Florence Finch was born December 22, 1893 in London but now resides in Hawkes Bay, NEW ZEALAND. She remembers horse-drawn trams and World War I. [Photo by Hawke's Bay Today]

"Oldest Kiwi Marks Her 113th with Good Friends and a Cake"

December 23, 2006; New Zealand's oldest person celebrated her 113th birthday yesterday in Hastings with cake and four friends of 35 years. Florence Finch, who was born and bred in London, came to New Zealand in 1969 when her husband died and her Daughter and Son-in-law moved to Hawkes Bay. Friend Brian Keogh said she had seen the move as an adventure. Florence is a grand old lady," he said. She recalled her Father working in "an aircraft factory stretching fabric over skinny wooden frames." He said Mrs. Finch was now blind and deaf, and it had been difficult to converse with her in the past year. "But she has her faculties and is easy to look after. She has always had a good appetite, but there's nothing of her." Mr. Keogh said her four friends just wanted to be with her to wish her happy birthday. "It was a pretty low-key affair because she doesn't like to cause a fuss." She always says, "There's too much fuss, you've got better things to do, now go home." Mrs Finch's daughter, Ellen, is in a nursing home and was unable to attend yesterday. Her grandson, Tony Gooch, lives in England. The Guinness Book of Records says the oldest living woman is Julie Winnefred Bertrand of CANADA, now 115 years old.

We are sad to report that Mrs. Finch passed away on April 10, 2007 at age 113 years, 109 days.

Julie Winnefred Bertrand

January 18, 2007; We have just been informed by our Canadian representative, Mon. Bertrand Desjardins that his country's oldest person and "the oldest woman in the world" Julie Winnefred Bertrand passed away today at age 115 years, 124 days.

Julie Winnefred Bertrand, the world's oldest woman at 115, has died at a Montreal nursing home, according to Canadian media reports. Bertrand, born September 16, 1891, in the Quebec town of Coaticook not far from the Vermont border, "died in her sleep early Thursday at the nursing home where she had lived for the last 35 years," her Nephew told The Gazette in Montreal. "She just stopped breathing," said Andre Bertrand, 73. "That's a nice way to go."

Bertrand became the world's oldest woman last month, after the death at 116 of Elizabeth Bolden, a Tennessee woman born August 15, 1890, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. The designation made her an instant celebrity. Bertrand's Niece, Elaine Sauciere, said the fame her Aunt achieved late in life was "unbelievable." "This little woman sold clothes at a department store in Coaticook," said Sauciere, 70.

Emma Tillman of Hartford, CT, who turned 114 on November 22nd, is now the oldest living woman in the world, said Dr. Stephen Coles of The Gerontology Research Group. The UCLA-based organization tracks "Supercentenarians," or people over 110 years old.

A British film crew had just requested an interview with Bertrand for a documentary on people who live long. The work also features Emiliano Mercado del Toro of Puerto Rico, the world's oldest person, who was born 26 days before Bertrand.

Andre Bertrand said his Aunt never had a problem saying "No" and did so to dozens of journalists, filmmakers, and medical researchers intent on discovering her secret to long life. "She was tough, feisty, and self-sufficient," Bertrand said. Known as "Winnie," she was the eldest of six children born to a harness maker, Napoleon Bertrand, and his Irish wife, Julia Mullins. "Bertrand never married but had her suitors," Sauciere said, "adding that it was difficult to say how close she may have been to Louis St. Laurent, a young lawyer who went on to become Prime Minister of Canada in the 1940's. "She was friends with his Sister, and I think she was sweet on him. But how serious it was, I don't know," Sauciere told The Gazette.


1. Mario Goupil, "The Dean of Humanity Is No More: Winnifred Berftrand, born in Coaticook, Died Peacefully in Her Sleep at Age 115," La Tribune, News Section, p. 3 (Sherbrooke, Canada; January 19, 2007; in French by FAX from Gerard Cuggia and Rachel Babin).

2. AP and LA Times staff, "Julie Bertrand, 115; Canadian Was World's Oldest Woman for a Month," The Los Angeles Times, p. B9 (January 20, 2007).

Emma Carroll at 111

Emma Carroll, 111, chats with visitors in her favorite chair at Vista Woods Care Center Thursday. Though she does less cooking these days, Iowa's oldest woman said she occasionally helps in the kitchen to make a pie or homemade bread. Courier photo by Mark Newman.

"Emma Carroll Still Staying Sharp, Active at 111: Iowa's Oldest Woman Going Strong"

Mark Newman and Matt Milner, Courier, Staff Writers

January 26, 2007; Ottumwa, IA; -- You might think after 111 years, you could stop doing chores. Emma Carroll thinks differently. "I think work doesn't hurt anybody," she said Thursday. Twice a week, she folds towels for Vista Woods Care Center, where she has been a resident since she was 105. "I like to work and work with my hands. It keeps [them] so I can use them, keeps them limber," she said, flexing her fingers. Carroll also exercises her mind. "I study the Bible. I like that kind of thing," she said about her weekly study group. And because her sight is going but her love of Bingo isn't, she has had to memorize her Bingo card.

That was Vista Woods Activity Director Julie Meldrum's idea. "She's an awesome lady," said Meldrum, who said Carroll is lucid and fun to talk to. She said Carroll has also become a bit of a celebrity. Her Grandson runs an Emma Carroll website, and she's even received out-of-state requests for autographs. "It's happened two times. She got a kick out of that," said Meldrum. That must be the fame that comes with being the oldest person in Iowa, and, according to the Gerontology Research Group's website, the 30th oldest "validated" human being on Earth.

Even so, Meldrum said Carroll still likes to go on group trips from the nursing home. Some of her trips are serene, like going to the Salvation Army for lunch. "I like that, they're friendly," Carroll said.

July 14, 2009; Emma Caroll died on July 10, 2007 at age 112.

January 30, 2007; We just received this photo from Robert Young of Atlanta, GA of

E. Beatrice Riley
Mrs. E. Beatrice Riley of Australia who turned 110 on October 13, 2006.

July 18, 2009; We are sad to report that Mrs. Riley died on May 15, 2009 at age 112 years, 214 days.

February 4, 2007; Victor DiPaola, her Son, sent Louis Epstein of New York this photo...
Rosaria Caleca, 112 Passport Photo in 1929 Photo in 1960

Rosaria Caleca, a former resident of Mattituck, NY, celebrates her 112th birthday at the Parker Jewish Institute Home today. Her Daughter Marie Tursi (77) is helping to blow out the candles on her birthday cake, while another Daughter, Toni Tuffy (79), looks on. Rosaria also has a living Sister, age 103.

May 8, 2007; We are sad to report that Mrs. Rosaria Caleca passed away on Sunday, May 6, 2007, at age 112 years and 90 days. See Newsday for details.

February 5, 2007 ...
Charlotte Gibson in April 2006
We are sad to report that Charlotte Gibson of the UK born April 2, 1896, died today at age 110 years, 309 days.

February 13, 2007; From the BBC News Service...
Mrs. Ada Mason, 111

"'Oldest' Woman Dies at Age of 111"

Mrs. Ada Mason from West Yorkshire, and who was believed to be the oldest person in England, has died at the age of 111 years, 142 days. Tributes were paid to Ada Mason, from Upton, who died in her sleep today. Mrs. Mason outlived all of her five children and her husband, to whom she was married from [1914 - 1962]. She put her long life down to eating bread and drippings "with lots of salt" each day.

February 20, 2007; Robert Young sent us this B&W photo of
Mrs. Mary Ann Scoles
Mrs. Mary Ann Scoles of Manitoba Canada who turned 110 last Christmas day.

August 11, 2009
Mrs. Mary Ann Scoles
Mrs. Mary Ann Scoles born in Manitoba, CANADA on December 25, 1896 passed away on July 23, 2007 at age 110 years 210 days.

March 3, 2007; Robert Young of Atlanta, GA just sent us this photo of
Mrs. Beatrice Cooper at age 109
Mrs. Beatrice Cooper of Michigan, who just turned 110 in February.

We are sad to report that Beatrice Cooper died on May 4, 2009 at age 112.

August 9, 2007; We are sad to report that Japanese Supercentenarian
Mrs. Kozuru, 111, with the Mayor
Mrs. Ueda Kozuru born on August 2, 1895 died on April 10, 2007 at age 111 years, 252 days. Taken in September 2006, this photo is with Mayor of Nobeoka City, JAPAN. We acknowledge that this photo came to us by way of Mr. Hamish A. Todd, Head of the Japanese Section; Asia, Pacific, and Africa Collections; The British Library; 96 Euston Road; London NW1 2DB; UK

August 10, 2007; Mr. Robert Young has provided us with this photo of
Mrs. Mississippi Wynn at age 110
Mrs. Mississippi Wynn age 110 and born on March 31, 1897.

August 16, 2007; Mr. Miguel Quesada has provided us with this photo of
Sra. Plazida Insausti at age 110
Sra. Plazida Insausti age 110, born on October 5, 1896.

September 12, 2007; We are sad to report that Plazida Insausti died today at age 110 years, 342 days.

August 29, 2007; Lynn, MA...
Mary Schiazza, 110
Mrs. Mary "Nana" DiScipio Schiazza, a former seamstress age 110, died Wednesday, August 29, 2007, in a local nursing home after a brief illness. She was the Wife of the late Antonio Schiazza, and the Daughter of the late Ralph and Clementina (Barbera) DiScipio. Born and raised in Crecchio in the Providence of Chieti in ITALY, she moved to Lynn in 1917. She was educated in schools in ITALY and worked as a seamstress in the local clothing manufacturing industry. She was a communicant of St. Pius V Church in Lynn. Mrs. Schiazza bowled on the Lucky Strike League in Lynn until she was 100 years old. She loved cooking and gardening and was devoted to her family.

Here ends the 5th file containing Photos of Women Supercentenarians.
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