Current US Security Alert Level

Friday, May 30th; 3:00 PM EDT; The US Security-Alert Threat-Level has now been lowered to Yellow or "Elevated."


Early Tuesday afternoon, May 20th, as a result of an unusual amount of message traffic, characterized by the US Intelligence Community as "spooky chatter between potential adversaries," the Homeland Security Council, with the approval of President Bush, raised the US Security-Alert Threat-Level to Orange or "High Threat." This is not a trivial matter nor simply a change-of-HTML-color-code on a website. A significant additional budget is authorized for overtime pay for around-the-clock surveillance by Federal and local law-enforcement personnel throughout the United States and abroad during such an interval.

From March 17th to April 16th the Color Code was Orange in connection with the War in Iraq; from April 16th to May 20th the Color Code was downgraded to Yellow following the conclusion of major hostilities. This is the fourth time that the level has risen to orange since the color codes were established.

For Reference, the color spectrum is defined as follows:

Red means Severe;
Orange means High;
Yellow means Elevated;
Blue means Guarded; and
Green means Low.

The Hon. Tom Ridge, Secretary, US Department of Homeland Security, recommends that all Americans check the DHS website regularly for further details on how they may cope with an emergency in the event of a terrorist attack on American soil. There have been a number of complaints (July 30, 2003) that this website hasn't yet been translated into languages other than English.