Last Updated May 30, 2010

Two websites recommended by Anna (Sierra Teacher) are the following:

1. The Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health formerly, the National Council on Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity; and

2. Sexual Addiction

See: Vicki F. and Richard M. Sharp, Webdoctor: Finding the Best Health Care Online (St. Martin Griffin; 1998; 557 pp.; Paperback; $29.95). This reference book provides URL addresses and snapshot summaries of site contents that are cataloged by medical category, e.g., mental health, pregnancy, allergies, men's health, eye care, surgery, etc. Images of the 1,380 of the best medical home pages are included. An enclosed CD-ROM links users directly to these sites. If you wish to purchase this book through the Internet please go out to "GRG Recommended Books..." and click on the Amazon.com icon.

Laboratories that can provide Antioxidant Profiles:

A useful world-wide discussion group called LONGEVITY DIGEST can be joined by sending an E-mail to browley@alumni.ubc.ca at the University of British Columbia in Canada. We sometimes get six or seven messages a day from this professionally edited discussion group.

As of September, Mr. Brian Rowley has temporarily moved to UC Riverside where he is doing graduate work in biology. In his absence others are attempting to carry on with the discussion group as best they can.