How to Increase your Life Span at Any Age
How to Raise your Children for Maximum Longevity
Defy your Genes and Live Longer
Your Personal Guide to Living Longer, Healthier, and Happier
Learn from Centenarians who "practice what they preach" as they divulge their "recipes" for longer life

Interviews with 40 of the world's leading gerontologists, ten of whom have been past speakers to the Los Angeles Gerontology Research Group

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A full two-hour version of Living Beyond 100 is available exclusively through this web site by requesting Item # LB100-DC [Director's Cut] for the price of $29.95.

[Note: Half the profits of any sale of this particular video will go to support the Los Angeles Gerontology Research Group and is therefore tax deductible.]

For the first time ever, 25 healthy centenarians describe their approach to life as they look forward to the New Millennium! They tell it like it is... and how it was.

TRT = 55 minutes; Item # 0013; $19.98

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