Photo Gallery for Supercentenarians born in the year 1906,
as of October 10, 2018.

Guerina Amedei, 112

Aged 111:
Guerina Amedei, 111
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February 15, 2018; Guerina Amedei was born in Meldola, Emilia-Romagna, Italy on January 31, 1906. She currently lives in Meldola.

Anna Benericetti-Cimatti, 112

Anna Benericetti-Cimatti
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April 6, 2018; Anna Benericetti-Cimatti was born in Brisighella, Emilia-Romagna, Italy on March 22, 1906 and currently lives in Forli, Emilia-Romagna, Italy.

Clara Cedeno-Tello, 112

Clara Cedeno-Tello

Clara Cedeno-Tello
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October 10, 2018; Clara Cedeno-Tello was born in Llano Bonito, Herrera Province, Panama on August 12, 1906. She currently lives in Panama.

Clara Cedeno-Tello became the oldest living person in Panama on 6 June 2017, following the death of 113-year-old Bienvenida Vergara Jaen de Cano.

Mazie Ford, 112

Aged 110:
Mazie Ford, 110

Aged 111:
Mazie Ford, 111

July 15, 2018; Mazie Ford was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States on June 28, 1906. She currently lives in Florida.

Henrietta Irwin, 112

On her 110th birthday:
Henrietta Irwin, 110
Henrietta Irwin, 110

On her 112th birthday:
Henrietta Irwin, 112
These photos are sourced from Inside Halton and Instagram.

July 31, 2018; Henrietta Irwin was born in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom on May 27, 1906. She currently lives in Ontario, Canada.

Tekla Juniewicz, 111

Tekla Juniewicz as a young woman in the 1930s:
Tekla Juniewicz, 1930s

Tekla Juniewicz on her 100th birthday:
Tekla Juniewicz, 100

Mar. 13, 2016: Tekla Juniewicz, aged 109, with GRG Poland correspondent Waclaw Jan Kroczek:
Tekla Juniewicz, 109

Shortly before turning 110:
Tekla Juniewicz, 110

With her grandson Adam Stachowski on her 111th birthday:
Tekla Juniewicz, 111

Oct. 17, 2017: Tekla Juniewicz, aged 111, with Waclaw Jan Kroczek and GRG United Kingdom correspondent Chris Law:
Tekla Juniewicz, 111
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May 17, 2018; Tekla Juniewicz was born in Krupsko, Austria-Hungary (now Ukraine) on June 10, 1906. Mrs. Juniewicz married Jan Juniewicz in 1927 and had two daughters, Janina and Urszula. After 1945, the family moved to Gliwice, Upper Silesia, Poland where she still lives presently.

In March 2016, Tekla Juniewicz was recognized as the second-oldest living resident of Poland and the oldest living person in Silesia Voivodeship, whereupon she would celebrate her 110th birthday. She became the oldest living person in Poland following the death of Jadwiga Szubartowicz on July 20, 2017. On April 24, 2018, Tekla Juniewicz passed the final age of Wanda Wierzchleyska and became the oldest person who ever lived in Poland.

Julie Montabord, 112

In her 40s:
Julie Montabord, in her 40s

Aged 112:
Julie Montabord, 112

May 24, 2018; Julie Montabord was born in Le Vauclin, Martinique, France on April 17, 1906. She currently lives in Martinique.

Her mother, Felicite Jandia (1881-1992), was also a supercentenarian, making them just the second documented parent-child supercentenarian pair in history.

Richard Overton, 112

During his military service in World War II:
Richard Overton, 1940s

Aged 103:
Richard Overton, 103

Meeting President Barack Obama, aged 107:
Richard Overton, 107

Smoking shortly before his 109th birthday:
Richard Overton, 109

Richard Overton celebrating his 110th birthday in San Antonio, Texas:
Richard Overton, 110

Richard Overton celebrating his 111th birthday in Austin, Texas:
Richard Overton, 111
Photos courtesy of, Statesman newspaper, Wall Street Journal and and Ashley Landis.

May 13, 2018; Richard Overton was born in was born in Bastrop County, Texas, United States on May 11, 1906. He currently lives in Austin, Texas. He became the oldest living man in America following the death of Clarence Matthews on July 22, 2017.

He married twice but never had any children. He enlisted in the military on 3 September 1942 and served in the South Pacific until 1945, having advanced to the rank of Sergeant at the time of leaving. After leaving the military, Overton worked at furniture stores in the Austin, Texas area before working for the Texas Department of the Treasury in Austin.

Lillian Stubbs, 112

As a baby:
Lillian Stubbs, as a baby

Aged 20:
Lillian Stubbs, 20

Aged 90:
Lillian Stubbs, 90

On her 110th birthday:
Lillian Stubbs, 110

Aged 111, with her son Irving Stubbs and friend Patti Gaudio:
Lillian Stubbs, 111
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May 7, 2018; Lillian Stubbs was born in Hertford, Perquimans County, North Carolina, United States on April 30, 1906 to John and Annie Howell. She grew up on a farm with two brothers and seven sisters.

On June 27, 1926, she married Irving Stubbs in Norfolk, Virginia, and had at two children with him. The two were married for 55 years before Irving died in 1981.

Stubbs currently resides in Williamsburg, Virginia.

July 15, 2018; Lillian Stubbs died on June 16, 2018 at the age of 112 years, 47 days.

Margaret Vivian, 112

Aged 108:
Margaret Vivian, 108

Aged 112:
Margaret Vivian, 112
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April 23, 2018; Margaret Vivian was born in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom on February 25, 1906. On her 10th birthday, she left the care of her aunt to set off on a five-week journey to join her parents in Fremantle, Western Australia.

In 1927, she married Jack Dagmar Milton Vivian (1904-1981) with whom she would have two children. Vivian lives in Doubleview, Western Australia.

October 10, 2018; Margaret Vivian died on September 20, 2018 at the age of 112 years, 207 days.

Minnie Whicker, 112

On her 112th birthday:
Minnie Whicker, 112

October 10, 2018; Minnie Whicker was born in Arkansas, United States on 24 July 1906. Whicker currently resides in Roseville, Placer County, California.

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