International Correspondents Who Volunteer to Identify and Validate Supercentenarian Claims

August 4, 2014; Over the last fifteen years, the GRG has established a broad volunteer network of correspondents throughout the world who supply us with translations into English of source documents, like Birth and Marriage Certificates, in their native language needed to validate the claims of worldwide Supercentenarians. In recognition of their work, a partial list of these Country Correspondents follows:

1. USA:
Mr. Robert D. Young, Atlanta, GA, GRG Database Administrator (This involves managing all applications, putting them in order, filing the data, and moving cases forward). In addition, he is the GRG Senior Claims Investigator; Moderator for the World's Oldest People Group [See Ref. 1 below for the WOP Charter]; and Senior Gerontology Consultant for the Guinness Book of World Records;
Voice: 404-803-2045; E-mail:
Mr. Louis Epstein, Putnam County, New York, Chairman of the Committee; E-mail:
Mr. E. A. Kral, Wilbur, NE, Mid-Western States; Voice: 402-821-3060
Prof. Thomas T. Perls, M.D., Director, New England Centenarian Study, Boston University; E-mail:
Prof. John R. Wilmoth, Ph.D., Demographer of the Center for the Economics and Demography of Aging at UC Berkeley (2232 Piedmont Avenue; Berkeley, CA 94720-2120; Voice: 510-642-9688; E-mail: ; URL:
Mr. Donald B. Gennery, GRG Biostatistician, NASA/JPL; Pasadena, CA; E-mail:
Mr. Mark E. Muir, Woodbridge, VA, Correspondent for the Mid-Atlantic Region and GRG Technical Support Database Administrator
E-mail: (preferred method of contact)
Telephone: 703-910-3135 (Deaf person; phone number will reach interpreter first.)

2. Canada:
Prof. Bertrand Desjardins

3. England, Scotland, Wales:
Mr. Andrew Holmes
Ms. Melissa Page
Mr. Chris Law

4. Ireland (Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland):
Mr. Finbarr Connolly

5. France:
Mon. Laurent Toussaint
Dr. Luc Le Lay, Ph.D., MBA
Mon. Guillaume Veillet
Prof. Jean Marie Robine
Mon. Martin Miet
Mon. Cyril Depoudent
Mon. Antoine Demarais

6. Spain:
Sr. Miguel Quesada
Sr. Emilio Ibañez

7. Italy:
Giovanni Alunni, Senior Correspondent
Paolo Scarabaggio, Correspondent

8. Switzerland:
Mr. Thomas Breining (and Austria)

9. Germany:
Thomas Breining and
Stefan Jamin (and Eastern Europe)(

10. Poland:
Karol Wejchert
Wacław Jan Kroczek (

11. Russia:
Dmitry Sudakov
Dr. Leonid Gavrilov, Ph.D., University of Chicago

12. Greece:
Prof. Dimitrios Kardamakis, M.D., Ph.D., DMRT
Department of Radiation Oncology
University of Patras Medical School
26504 GREECE

13. The Netherlands:
Mr. Gert Jan Kuiper

14. Belgium:
Prof. Michel Poulain, Université Catholique de Louvain, BELGIUM and
Mr. Bart Versieck, GRG Senior Editor:
Mr. Peter Vermaelen
Mr. Anthony Croes-Lacroix

15. Finland:
Mr. Anti Hervonen

16. Sweden:
Mr. Foti Tillo

17. Norway:
Currently vacant
Sadly, the late Mr.Celvin Ruisdael, our Norway Correspondent for many years, died in May 2012 at age 47.

18. Japan:
Hamish Todd, British Museum, London, UK
Ken Matsuoka
Stefan Gelow
Dr. D. Craig Wilcox, Okinawa Centenarian Study
Tom Li

19. South Korea
Jong Bhak, Ph.D., Director
Personal Genomics Institute and Theragen Bio Institute

20. China:
Currently vacant

21. India:
Mr. Udaya Revathi Udayashankar
Dr. Raj Kumar
Ravi Chawla

22. Australia:
Prof. John McCormack, Senior Lecturer
Health Sciences
La Trobe University
Bundoora Victoria 3083
Mobile: 0407 351 356 or +61 3 9479 5734
FAX: 03 479 5257

23. Mexico, Central, and South America:
Currently vacant

24. Jamaica: Mr. Maurice Harrison

25. Brazil:
Mr. Stanley R. Primmer
Prof. Cassio M. Turra
Departamento de Demografia/Cedeplar
Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
Av. Antonio Carlos 6627, sala 3055
31270-901 - Belo Horizonte -MG- Brasil
Mr. Gabe Ainsworth

26. Portugal:
Mr. Filipe Prista Lucas

27. Egypt, South Africa, and Central Africa:
Currently vacant

28. Middle East:
Currently vacant

If you would like to apply for the position of Country Correspondent for your own country and you feel comfortable translating source documents from your native language into English and are on the computer on a frequent basis, read the Birthday/Obituary Section of your local newspapers, please contact Dr. L. Stephen Coles at Note that you may need to contact government officials in your home country from time to time and must be willing to sign our Standard GRG Policy agreeing to safeguard original documents and contact information about subjects, their next of kin, and family members in a confidential manner.

Ref 1.

September 13, 2009; The Charter for the World's Oldest People Group is as follows:

1. Collect and post demographic data about persons aged 108 and older;

2. Assist in the validation of such data, worldwide, based on three independent source documents needed to prove the claim. This may include accurate translation of documents by our correspondents from the original source language into English. We will also help to perform statistical analysis of the data for publication in scientific/medical journals, according to various demographic criteria.

3. Collect photographs of such persons for posting on the Internet.

As such, the goal of the WOP Group is to obtain a historical list of the entire set of persons aged 110 and older who are validated. (We begin our validation process at age 108 for "candidates").